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Casino Betting Guides

If you are a fan of the casino’s or would like to know more about them, our online support will help you turn into a high roller.
Over the coming weeks we will be uploading guides to all types of casino games giving you the tips you need to become Bond like on the tables. From Roulette to Black Jack we will give you all you need to take advantage of our generous free bets.

Getting started on the roulette table

If you have ever watched a Bond film and loved his bold and sophisticated casino adventures you would not be alone in finding the pull of the tables irresistible. Free Bets International have lots of the best online versions of all the casino favourites, these guidelines and tips pages aim to help you beat the bank and win.

A roulette wheel is a large spinning wheel with a total of 37 pockets that are individually numbered from 0 to 36. The wheel is spun one way and a small white ball placed into the spinning wheel by the dealer in the opposite direction.

The ball will eventually settle in a pocket and whoever has a bet on that number or the colour it lands on, depending on what the punter has bet on wins at a given odds.

Outside bets on roulette

Roulette has many strategies to beat the bank but essentially there are a number of different types of basic bets. The simplest but lowest risk bets are known as outside bets where the bet is one or the other. You can bet on red or black, odds or evens or even high or low giving odds of 1 to 1. You can get better odds by betting on blocks of 12 numbers but these are still known as outside bets.

Inside bets on the wheel

The second type of bet is the inside bets which offer better odds but carry a greater risk. Probably the most risky is betting on a single number but you could choose to span across multiple numbers by placing the chips between the numbers i.e. in between the borderline of the 3 and 4 so if the ball lands in either pocket you win. Other inside bets include betting on groups of 6 numbers, betting on columns or corners but before you do hit the tables it would be worth going online to get in a bit of practice or watch some self help videos on You Tube.

Getting the right strategy for success at the table

Whatever strategy (and there are many different ones) you employ, many punters will spread the betting by placing multiple bets on the table to increase their chances of beating the table and ultimately winning. There are simple to understand strategies like the Martingale strategy where every time you lose, you double your bets until you win. There are also many other more complicated strategies but if you are a beginner these will take a bit of mastering.

Different chips

Generally the house will offer one of the following options to start you on the roulette wheel. Some will offer cash tables, others casino chips. The chips tables are either house chips or coloured chips, the latter of which can only be used on that particular table.

One think worth noting for new players is when you purchase chips at the table you must cash them in before you leave the table or you may be excluded from the tables for chip collecting. If you do buy special coloured table chips they are only valid on that table. Few have ever beat the bank (meaning cleaned out the house) but with our tips we hope you at least make a dent in the safe!

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